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Our Story

Our story began in a VUCA world, where businesses struggled to find engaged, committed talent. We understood the need for more than just skills – we yearned for employees who felt ownership, purpose, and true connection to their work.
That’s how Impact Outsourcing Services was born. Driven by a belief in human potential, we set out to create a company where staff flourish, and clients benefit from their empowered energy.
We embarked on a mission to develop “owner-minded” individuals. It’s not just about tasks – it’s about nurturing personal aspirations, professional growth, and alignment with corporate goals. Our IMPACT model and Uplifting Service initiatives are our secret sauce, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of engaged employees who think, act, and deliver like true partners.
We’re not just an outsourcing company. We’re your HR alchemist, crafting bespoke solutions that address your unique needs, from top-notch staff placements and insightful consulting to simplified background checks and customized training programs.
Let us turn your workforce into a symphony of engagement and achievement. Join us on the journey where talent meets purpose, and businesses soar.


Our Staff are service ambassadors and they are:

Influence – Our staff influence their workplace colleagues, supervisors and customers positively. They showed calmness, resilience, and honesty and engaged with an uplifting service attitude
Movement – Within the same or different organisation, our staff are in a movement of people with the big picture of a better tomorrow and of people impacting their immediate environment with unbelievable services. To Them, it is about serving others
Productivity – Productivity is first an altitude that starts at night. IOS staff plan their days at night. At the office, it is about delivering anticipated outcomes and in a way beyond the service user’s expectations. We have a system and process for improving performance through our post–appraisal clinic and uplifting performance sessions
Accountability – Our Staff are accountability partners to one another. If one is a star in an organisation, other IOS staff within the same organisation have a minimum standard and with no excuse
Connection – Our staff are destiny friends and help one another to grow by sharing knowledge and expertise. We group our staff into masterminds’ to develop and grow in knowledge and experience the power of positive association
Timeless – We do what we have to do on time to have an immediate positive impact and impact our stakeholders progressively
Omonike George-Aiyudu

Chief Impact Officer

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Omonike George-Aiyudu is a seasoned FMCG professional with 15 years of experience in brand building and sales-customer management. A Chemical Engineering graduate from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, she’s complemented her skills with courses from Pan African University’s Enterprise Development Center. Omonike, also a proactive entrepreneur, is committed to philanthropy, notably through the Aiyudu George Etinosa Foundation for young girls. At IOS Limited, she leads as Chief Impact Officer, focusing on business development and client relations.

David Erinoso, FCA

Director, Governance and Finance

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David is an accomplished Chartered Accountant with a 30-year career spanning insurance, stockbroking, investment advisory, manufacturing, and education. He has held senior roles at prominent firms like Nigerian Bottling Company and Leadway Assurance. As a co-founder and Director of Lightway Schools, he leads strategy, finance, and administration. At IOS, his expertise is channeled into Corporate Governance and Finance

Olutosin Okikiade

Head, Corporate Services

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Olutosin Okikiade, an Ambrose Ali University alumna, brings a versatile 13-year banking experience from the United Bank for Africa, contributing to operations, product marketing, and retail liability. She then advanced to Paelyt Solutions Ltd, leading Operations and Licensing, and served as a senior facilitator for Mentoras Leadership Limited, driving change in top-tier companies. At IOS Limited, she is the head of corporate services, overseeing legal matters, administration, document management, employee engagement, brand management, and CSR initiatives.

Francis Ejembi

Human Resources Manager

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Francis Ejembi is a graphic designer and a biochemistry graduate. He is a multi-talented staff with a colossal ability to work with others.

He had worked in numerous capacities, supporting leaders and networking with the youth.

He has authored three books, including What Is Your Potential? and The Life of a Struggler and Dreams Come True for Nigeria.

He was a personal assistant with organisational leaders, including a logical manager for Positive Growth Africa, a not-for-profit organisation known for providing leadership, strength-based and patriotic education to schools and youth.

He is currently the Admin Manager at IOS Limited..

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