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Why designing Websites on iOS is better-everything you need to know

Why designing Websites on iOS is better-everything you need to know

Welcome here; if you are reading this post it can only mean one thing-you are interested in knowing more about iOS Platform and we are happy about that

1. What is iOS Web builder Platform?

iOS Web Builder allows you to design website in less than 2 minutes which means it the fastest web builder in Africa if not in the world. Merely signing up on iOS Web Builder means you have successfully created a website for yourself or for client. This signing up requires that you complete simple form and you are done! Boom, you website is ready. Please Note: There is no more 14 days free trial

(a). Signing up on iOS Website builder requires the following; once you are already on our website, click "Get Started Now" or "Sign up" Select "Standard"

The form will ask you to complete the following (1) Website Name: this is the name of your business, don't add "www" and don't add ".com" For example if your business name is ABC LTD; just type in "abcltd" or "abc ltd" (2). Select the type of website you want; Business website is for service based businesses like insurance company website; businesses that don't sell physical items like laundries, churches, whereas eCommerce website is for businesses that sell physical items like pressing iron, televisions, clothing etc, so don't make mistake here as it may not be undone.  (3). Email Address: Use your business email address (If you have one) or use your personal email address. Note: You won't be able to change your email address once you signed up, so don't make mistake. (4). Phone number; please put country code, (234) using your Whatsapp number is advisable because you website will be connected to your Whatsapp number (5). CEO Key; leave it blank if you don't have it and lastly insert your password and click on signup. That is all, you have just created a website

You will be asked to make payment for the website you have just created, you may decide to pay online using your ATM CARD on Paystack or do transfer to our company's account. If you choose the bank transfer option, you will need to inform us by chatting with us via Whatsapp (09031178888) to manually activate your website, once you account is activated, you may gain access to customise your website by clicking "Login" from www.ios.ng homepage enter your email and password then click on "Manage Website"

Thank you