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Why iOS Web Builder is the best-What am i benefiting?

Why iOS Web Builder is the best-What am i benefiting?

iOS Web Builder has been regarded as the fastest web builder in Africa with an approximate time of 2 minutes to get it done. The web builder comes with everything needed for small and medium scale businesses to upgrade their businesses online within few minutes. The benefits are incontestable, mouthwatering  and unbelievable. Some web developers don't believe a platform can offer such benefits at a price of N6,000. Did you know the breathtaking innovation we included? you can receive orders from customers that visit your website to buy from you directly on your phone as SMS. Let us quickly discuss the benefits of designing your website on this platform

1. Free domain (Extension) : Your website is automatically awarded a domain immediately you sign up. Your domain reads like this (www.ios.ng/yourbusinessname) www.ios.ng/livewell (livewell stands as your business name for example). We also give you the opportunity to remove ios.ng from your domain so your domain can read like this (www.livewell.com). But if you don't mind the extension, you can continue to be using it, it is free forever. Normally domain is renewable yearly, it goes for minimum of N1000 per year but using extension is free

2. Free Unlimited Hosting: Hosting is what houses your website code, it is what makes it to be accessible everywhere in the world, at anytime or any moment. Normally hosting is renewable yearly and it goes for minimum of N5000 per year. However, if you are using our domain extension as in my example in 1 above (www.ios.ng/livewell) the hosting is free forever, If you choose to use your own personalized domain (www.livewell.com) in our example above it means you are buying your own hosting as well. That means you are paying N6000 for iOS, N1000 for .com.ng then N5000 for hosting plus workmanship of N5000 to upload your website to your own personal hosting. (The workmanship is optional if you can upload it yourself). You can also buy the domain and hosting by yourself if you so wish, just send us the login details and we will help you upload it. Note: .com domain is not N1000 but N4000, .ng is N9000 so it is depending on which domain you want. But i can tell you they are all the same

3. Place your products on eCart (https://ecart.ios.ng/) "iOS Product Marketplace" free of charge (eCommerce owners only). Immediately you sign up creating your website and uploading your products to your website, they are automatically going to iOS Product Marketplace and buyers or customers can actually buy from you from iOS Product Marketplace. You don't pay for this, it is free. Once you upload your products to your website, you can visit www.ecart.ios.ng to confirm if truly they are there.

4. Free Mobile App: Creating your website on iOS platform means you will be getting Android Mobile App Version of your website free. Once you create your website, contact us for the Mobile App, we will do it and send it to you via Whatsapp, we won't upload to Google Playstore except you pay N5,000 for workmanship (This payment is optional if you don't need it on playstore). But once your Mobile App is ready which is within 24 hours, we will forward it to you via Whatsapp

5. Unlimited products upload: If you design eCommerce on our platform you are entitled to upload unlimited products to your website without hindrances. Most platforms don't allow this but we do

6. Sell in Naira or Dollars: You can sell your products in Naira or Dollar on your website

7. Discount Offer: You can offer your customers discounts on your website by using "Price before and price Now

8. Unlimited Blog Post: There is inbuilt blog in your website, whether you design eCommerce or Business website, you can post blogs on your websites

9. SEO: Your website is automatically placed on Google Search Engine, you don't need to configure it as it has been already configured

10. Cash on delivery/ Bank transfer: This is the type of payment allowed for eCommerce Owners

11. Whatsapp Chat: Your website is connected to your Whatsapp Number, so don't forget to add 234 when creating the account, always use your Whatsapp Number. Your customers when they visit your website may choose to chat you directly from your website on Whatsapp

12. Social Media Networks: Your website is connected to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can also share your products to social media from your website

13. Individual dashboard: Dashboard is where you update, manage, edit, delete anything on your website

14. Adsense Account: You can connect your Adsense account if you like making money from Google

15. File Upload: You have files to upload? upload unlimited files. It is allowed

16. Receive orders as SMS: When buyers orders products on your website, it will land on your phone as SMS. We discover that if orders should land on your email, some people don't check their email often, so we connected the website to your mobile phone as all orders will land on it as SMS. It also lands in your dashboard and email as well, so no way to miss any sales

17. Post Business Video: You can post your business video (1 minutes allowed) on ecart

18. Customise your website colour: You can change the colour of your website anytime, anyday

19. 247 Customer Care Service: We are here 247, just chat us up on Whatsapp we will be there to solve any problem

No more excuses for small and medium scale businesses not to have a website, we have provided more than what is needed to bring your business online. A token of access charge of N6000/year is paid to enjoy above benefits