Explore the platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, develop and manage BUSINESS OR ONLINE STORE WEBSITE within 5 minutes without programming kowledge on the fastest web builder in Africa. You are also provided with marketing tools to make it easier for you to get clients. You can even use your mobile phone to design website it is as easy as ABC


    Just as you know iOS Website is a subscription based which is yearly. When you design website for client, you pay 50% instead of 100% yearly. When your clients renew their websites, you still have 50% to earn. This simply means if you design 10 websites in 2020, you will keep earning on your clients yearly as long as they keep renewing the website.

  • Marketing Tools & Materials

    We provide you with online tools you can use to do online marketing. Both promotional fliers and videos that is white-label. We also provide you with tools like Referral Link and CEO Key. When you share the referral link, people can design websites using your link even while you are sleeping and you will be earning.

  • Training Material & Videos

    We are providing you with training materials and videos even though designing websites on iOS is easier than creating Facebook Page, yet you can go through the training video which is just 4 minutes and understand everything instantly.Our customer care help is also available 24/7 online always ready to help.

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