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Our Story

Committed to Redefining Work and Human Dignity

Impact Outsourcing Services (IOS) Limited is a resilient and adaptive organization in a VUCA world.

IOS’s portfolio includes staff and process outsourcing, background checks, learning and development, and consulting.

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IOS emphasizes personal and professional growth, aligning individual and corporate goals through its ‘IMPACT’ model.

Our Solutions

Empowering Organizations for Thriving Success

Staff and Process Outsourcing

With extensive experience in staff and process outsourcing, IOS provides efficient and cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Learning and Development

IOS offers top-notch consulting services, leveraging communication, coaching, and technology to help companies redefine work and achieve greater success.

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Our Brand Essence


At IOS, we believe in our competence to help young and aspiring African Professionals unlock their potential through work. We do this by deploying our qualified and trained staff to our clients. We continuously improve our employee to be inspired, motivated, engaged and career leaders in the workplace for the organisation’s future.


We will be Africa’s foremost, most innovative, admired solution provider known for putting the right people together, thereby redefining and uplifting the essence of work and human dignity

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By aligning the individuals’ traits, values, and career aspirations with our clients’ workplace culture and business models, we are redefining the essence of work and life through communication, coaching and technology..

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